Our professional team of staff has over 100 years combined experience, lead by our Managing Director Clive Weir, who has over 25 years combined previous industry experience in New Zealand and Australia.

Sunshine Benches opened for business on 1st May 2008 with seven staff and has now grown to a team of twelve.  Our main focus has always been on great customer service and providing a quality product, which has helped us gain our excellent reputation in this industry.

Today we continue to stand by these values and commit to providing you with:

  • Best Quality Bench Tops
  • On Time Delivery
  • Perfect finishes through use of current technology
  • Continuous system improvement for unrivalled customer service
  • Commitment benefits for loyal customers
  • Offering sustainable choices

We invite you to experience the Sunshine Benches difference


  • We have very friendly and helpful staff.
  • Lisa is the first point of contact, with 30 years’ experience she can help with most inquires.
  • We endeavour to get your quote back to you within 24 hours.
  • We send you an order conformation so you know we have received your order and that your job is under way.
  • We send you a completion date so you can better organise your work load.
  • With our years of experience, we can often suggest more economic approach to completing the job.
  • We have the expertise to deal with more technically challenging jobs that other companies find complex.
  • Account holders receive free delivery.
  • We are big on communicating with our clients to keep them in the loop.


  • Post formed laminate bench tops with front roll radius ranging from 4.5mm to full 180 degrees.
  • Bench tops with timber edging, PVC or Acrylic edging.
  • Table tops.
  • Reception counters.
  • Covered splash backs.
  • PVA bonded drop front vanity bench tops.
  • Compact laminate (solid laminate) ranging from 6mm thick to 16mm thick. Ideal for commercial application eg: public toilet petitions, restraint table tops, School desk tops, etc.
  • Compact laminate 6mm thick and heat resistant for splash backs.


  • PVA bonded bench tops.
  • PVA drop fronts eliminates a bump on top of the roll and has a stronger bond.
  • Coved splashbacks.
  • Compact laminate.
  • We do acrylic edging to give you a stone look without the price tag of real stone.
  • Jobs with angles, templates, or anything out of the ordinary are no problem for us.
  • We have the technology and machinery to handle large orders and any type of join.
  • We invest in the best drawing software, and have DXF file importing capability.
  • Every completed bench top is wrapped in 3mm craft wood and stored in protective plastic ready for delivery.
  • We label and track every job, to make sure it all arrives as expected and so that its easier for you to manage.


The Beginning
Clive started up a post forming company called Northland Laminates in Whangarei, New Zealand.
First Employee
Employed first staff member due to an increased work load.
Second Employee
Employed another staff member due to continued growth.
We’re Growing!
Employed a further two people. We are now a business of five.
Goodbye New Zealand
Clive sold Northland Laminates and moved to Sydney.
Hello Sunshine Coast!
Clive moved to the beautiful Sunny Coast.
A New Beginning
Sunshine Benches was born on the 1st May with 7 staff.
Gaining Momentum
We continued to add staff.
Rise Of The Machines
We bought our first new CNC machine to increase productivity and quality.
We went to Rockhampton to offer our services with good results.
We Need More Staff!
Clive employed more staff which took our total to 12.
Extra Capacity
A second CNC machine is added to further increase productivity and quality.
Expanding Our Reach
We bought a new 8 tonne truck to handle increased load to Rockhampton.
Come See For Yourself
We built a new display to show available options and our techniques.
Going Steady
We continued to look at ways to be more efficient by looking at our systems and procedures, as well as investing in superior tooling.