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Experience the Sunshine Benches difference. Our friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff will leave you feeling confident and refreshed. You are in the right place.


Our quality range includes over 10 major brands, with hundreds of styles to choose from. Your perfect solution awaits.


Whether it’s a kitchen for yourself or an entire building fitout, we have the capacity to handle any size job.


At Sunshine Benches we pride ourselves in setting the benchmark.  Not only do we derive great pleasure in seeing our customers happy, we also enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

Having operated within this industry for so long, we understand the pressures and pinch points. Thus we take great care in ensuring your products arrive on time and in perfect condition… every time.



Kawana Kitchens, Rockhampton

Kawana Kitchens, Rockhampton ( Gavin Zielke )
After a period of approximately six years working-with Sunshine Benches, myself and my staff here at Kawana Kitchens are extremely happy with the service and product that they provide. When Miles first approached our company with the option to ‘out-source’ our laminated benchtops we weren’t sure what to expect, or how it might benefit our business model. I must say that everything that I was told by Miles and all of the service, quality and back-up that Sunshine Benches originally offered has never wavered. All of the aspects of their business, their commitment to Kawana Kitchens and their communication on a daily basis are a refreshing and comforting thing. The opportunity for Kawana Kitchens to pass-on this service and quality to our customers has been greatly appreciated, and we will certainly be continuing our business with Sunshine Benches in the years to come.

JC Designer Kitchens

JC Designer Kitchens ( Louise Charteris )
As an owner of a business I don’t need to tell you the story of how important it is to have suppliers that are efficient, honest and reliable – and Sunshine Benches is all of this. Jason and I have owned a cabinet making business for over 17 years. Previous to changing over to Sunshine Benches in April 2008 we dealt with one main bench top company which gave us loads of grey hair and many situations we had to explain to the builder or owners the delay in completing their jobs due to tops not turning up or remake after remake. Clive approached us with the start up of his new business Sunshine Benches and we have never looked back. I can only congratulate Clive, Stu and his valuable staff on the fabulous job they do at Sunshine Benches. They have never let us down in over 9 years now and with the great communication from them if and only the few times there has been any hiccups they are resolved before the tops leave there factory and hence we always see our tops on the due date. The workmanship, efficiency and communication from Sunshine Benches are second to none. I must admit my husband Jason is extremely particular and prides himself with our company’s workmanship so nothing leaves our factory less than 100% – so congratulations Clive and his team for doing a great job.

Kitchens By Design

Kitchens By Design ( Steve Hunter )
Kitchens By Design has been receiving benchtops from Sunshine Benches for a number of years now…..We pride ourselves in the joinery in which we provide to our customers therefore have no hesitations in letting Sunshine Benches do our Postform benchtops. From when you place an order to when it is deliverd to your doorstep, Sunshine Benches keep you in the loop so you know where your tops are, even better all tops are wrapped up to prevent any damage that may occur during travel. We will keep placing orders through Sunshine Benches in the Future……



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